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Blue Ridge Wildlife & Pest Management provides deer removal and deer control in Richmond, Virginia.

Damage to ornamental plants, trees, shrubs, and flowers by white-tailed deer has increased dramatically over recent years in Richmond, VA.  Deer damage to home landscapes and gardens is the number one complaint in urban areas.  An integrated approach to deer damage management can often be the most optimal way to deal with the problem.  Using any one or a combination of strategies including population management, fencing, plant selection, and commercial repellents can be the best approach to minimize deer damage.

Blue Ridge Wildlife & Pest Management offers a deer repellent treatment service which uses a combination of organic products to prevent deer from eating your valuable landscape. After years of research, experiments and field tests, Blue Ridge Wildlife & Pest Management wildlife biologists have designed a successful treatment program using a combination of deer repellents.  Our deer repellent treatment is environmentally safe, harmless to humans and pets, and will not damage trees, shrubs, or flowers.

Repellents discourage deer feeding by having an offensive taste, odor, or a combination of both.  Continuous use of the same product will prove to be ineffective, and repellents that work in one location may not work in another.  Our best results have been found in areas with moderate deer pressure and feeding.  Areas with high deer densities, which is rare in our area, will continue to experience some damage because your area has most likely surpassed its carrying capacity and alternate food sources have been extinguished.

Taste-based deer repellents are applied directly to plants and will repel deer due to their undesirable taste.  Taste based materials must be consumed in order to become effective.  Damages sometimes can be substantial, but will occur before deer become trained to the fact that your plants have an offensive taste.

Odor-based deer repellents deter deer from your plants and property by their offensive smell.  When applied directly to the landscapes that surround your yard, deer are less likely to try and eat the plant or approach your yard.

Odor- and Taste-based deer repellents provide the benefits of both kinds of materials.

Deer Repellent Treatment Strategy

Blue Ridge Wildlife & Pest Management will implement a deer management/treatment strategy that deters deer from coming on your property and destroying your valuable landscape. After evaluating the deer damage on your property, one of our biologists will carefully treat your landscaping with a fine mist of weather resistant organic repellant. Most services or product directions will suggest spot treating areas that have been damaged already. Blue Ridge Wildlife & Pest Management will blanket your entire property, which in most cases will change a deer’s pattern and keep them away from your property. Deer are creatures of habit and once they realize an odorized threat or that your landscape is an undesirable food source, they will steer clear and look elsewhere. 

To ensure maximum protection, and to let the deer know that your property is off limits, we suggest spraying/treating year round. Our deer repellent service is necessary in the summer as new plant growth constantly appears and just as crucial in the winter when a deer’s natural foods are scarce. An average yard is treated 9-12 times per year and the price varies according to the size of your yard and what you have planted. 

Benefits to Our Deer Repellant Services

By using Blue Ridge Wildlife & Pest Management deer repellant services, you will receive many benefits such as:
-  Save large amounts of money by not having to replace your trees, shrubs, and flowers on an annual basis.

-  Eliminate the need for unsightly and expensive fences.

-  Be able to enjoy your landscape instead of feeling frustrated and angry about it.

-  Decrease deer traffic on your property which will result in less deer droppings on your lawn and less potential for tick-borne diseases.

Blue Ridge Wildlife & Pest Management provides deer removal, dead deer removal, deer control, can get rid of deer in yard, and deer infestations by treating your landscape with deer repellents in Richmond, Richmond City, Ashland, Chester, Chesterfield, Petersburg City, Petersburg, Dinwiddie, Glen Allen, Henrico, Hopewell City, Mechanicsville, Montpelier, Midlothian, Moseley, Powhatan, and Warsaw in Chesterfield County, Henrico County, Dinwiddie County, Hanover County, King and Queen County, Powhatan County, and Richmond County, VA. Blue Ridge Wildlife & Pest Management is here to help you.  Please Contact Us to help solve your deer problem. 

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