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Blue Ridge Wildlife & Pest Management provides bat removal, bat control, and getting rid of bats in Virginia. 

Virginia Bat Removal ServicesVirginia is the home of 16 different species of bats. Three are federally endangered, three are species of federal concern, and ten non-game protected species. Four of these non-game protected species are of most concern to home owners; the Big Brown Bat, Brazilain Free-tailed Bat, Evening Bat, and the Little Brown Bat. These four bats are the species that are more likely to inhibit people's homes in Virginia. Bats are closely related to primates and are all in the group Chiroptera, Latin for "hand wing", which means that their wings are essentially flaps of skin connecting their long fragile fingers together.


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Residential and commercial properties are equally desirable for bats to live in. A bat needs a space no more than an inch wide and a 1/3 of an inch tall to gain access in to a dwelling. Most bats will colonize in the gable vents, behind shutters, under siding, behind the trim boards, and sometimes in an old chimney. Bats are social creatures and live in colonies that can range from hundreds to thousands. Shortly before sunset most of the bats will emerge from the dwelling to seek out food and water throughout the night time hours. (Never assume that all the bats are out at once.) Even though they have poor eyesight, they navigate and find their food using echolocation. Their diet consists of insects, which plays an important role in the ecosystem keeping most insect pests to desirable levels for humans.

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