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Animal Control Solutions provides bobcat removal, bobcat control, and bobcat pest control in Washington DC.

In human environments bobcats can adapt easily due to the abundance of food and shelter.  Humans provide food sources such as trash cans and pet food bowls that are replenished regularly.  Urban landscapes provide a great food supply for bobcats because they attract prey or other wildlife species that bobcats are looking for.  Once a bobcat has found this prevalent food source it will look for a den site that is relatively close to that food source.  Homes or the area around your home can become a den site due to increases in urbanization or land development in bobcat inhabited areas, and the steady increase in prey species in these areas does not help.  The bobcat prefers to live in thick heavy underbrush as close to his prey or hunting grounds as possible.  Old barns, low laying decks, and storage sheds have been used for den sites as well. As long as we continue to urbanize and provide an abundance of food to the bobcat they will continue to adapt to human environments and pose a threat to human health.     

Animal Control Solutions will set the most humane traps available for the situation.  Local laws vary from town to town.  Humane padded foot hold traps or humane foot snare traps are the preferred traps, but are not legal to use in Washington DC.  Professional grade single door humane live cage traps can be used in urban environments, but are not the most efficient means of removing bobcats.  Like cage traps, padded foot hold traps and foot snares do not harm the bobcat and allow us to remove non-target animals without harming them.     

If you need bobcat control, bobcat removal, to get rid of bobcat, or to get rid of a bobcat infestation in Washington DC, District of Columbia, or DC. Animal control Solutions is here to help you.  Please Contact Us to help solve your bobcat problem. 

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