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Blue Ridge Wildlife & Pest Management, LLC​ has provided rodent control, flying squirrel removal, flying squirrel control, and flying squirrel pest control in Roanoke, VA since 1998. 

The Southern Flying Squirrel (flying squirrel) can adapt to human environments easily and usually by choice.  The flying squirrel can adapt easily due to the abundance of food and shelter.  Humans provide food sources such as bird feeders or squirrel feeders that are replenished regularly.  Urban landscapes provide attractive nuts, buds, and fruits from trees that flying squirrels will favor.  Once a flying squirrel has found a prevalent food source it will look for a nesting site that is relatively close to that food source.  In most instances, your home becomes the nesting site due to increases in urbanization or land development in flying squirrel inhabited areas, and a decline in large native trees in established neighborhoods.  The flying squirrel will look for a spot to enter your home that poses the least resistance.  Gable vents, attic fans, or rotten wood behind your gutter or in your soffit are a few locations.  Once the den hole is established they will start to build their nest.  The noise level in your home will increase once the flying squirrels begin bringing nesting material and food inside.  It escalates when breeding season begins and when the young flying squirrels venture out and begin gnawing on the roof trusses or wall studs to wear down their teeth.  Chewed electrical wires create the risk of fire and odor issues from their droppings and urine can create a biohazard.  As long as we continue to urbanize, cut down native nesting trees, and provide an abundance of food to the Southern Flying Squirrel they will continue to adapt to human environments and pose a threat to homes and human health.

Squirrel exclusion (Repairs) and flying squirrel trapping are key to effective flying squirrel removal.  Knowing their biological habits, performing the necessary repairs, and the use of traps will solve most flying squirrel problems.  When ideal habitat, water, and food for flying squirrels are within your property or structure, full exclusion services are recommended to prevent and or eliminate new flying squirrels from trying to enter your residential or commercial structure.

There are many different ways to get rid of flying squirrels, but if you are looking for a professional, permanent solution to your flying squirrel problem, with a written guarantee and warranted for a one year minimum, you have found one of the only companies in Roanoke that can provide you with this and back it up.  

Blue Ridge Wildlife & Pest Management, LLC will inspect every square foot of the exterior of your home or business looking for current and potential flying squirrel entry points. When they find these current and potential entry points they will seal them with 35 – 50 year sealant that is backed with a permanent flying squirrel proof material, install rigid screens, or chimney caps and covers. If you just repair the current entry points without sealing the potential penetration points, a different family of flying squirrels will just move to those potential entry points. 

Flying squirrels create offensive odors and viruses due to their urine and droppings and disrupt your sleep with their gnawing.  Flying squirrel removal is one of our specialties.  We have helped restore peace of mind to over a thousand of residential and commercial customers over the last 18 years.  Flying squirrel removal is a technical process that requires professional experience.  Do not risk people’s health or yours to anybody.  You can trust our nationally trained professional staff to solve any flying squirrel problem you may have, guaranteed and warranted for a minimum of one year!   

Your Flying Squirrel Service Agreement will describe and identify, in written and/or graphed format, all of the inspected areas of the structure, current and potential flying squirrel entry points, contaminations, a description of the warranty, its limitations, and its time period, and a price to remove the flying squirrels from the structure. 

In addition to the service agreement we may also take photos to document the inspected areas of your structure with current and/or potential flying squirrel entry points and contaminations as evidence/proof to you of the issues associated with the flying squirrels and to protect Blue Ridge Wildlife & Pest Management, LLC from any potential liabilities. 

Your flying squirrel service agreement will also contain a description of the warranty, its limitations, and its time period.  The warranty will not start until the final repairs on your structure or 100% eviction is confirmed by Blue Ridge Wildlife & Pest Management, LLC and you.  It is limited to a family of flying squirrels entering the interior of your structure.  The warranty time period will not be less than one year and will not exceed the manufacturer’s minimum service life of any exclusion material we use on your structure.  Prior to your warranty expiring, we will send you a renewal notice letting you know your flying squirrel warranty is getting ready to expire.  Upon the renewal payment, as stated on your flying squirrel service agreement, we will return to you structure for reinspection. 

Your flying squirrel service agreement will contain a price to exclude and remove the flying squirrels from your structure. The price reflects the Blue Ridge Wildlife & Pest Management, LLC ability and experience to perform flying squirrel removal services based upon industry standards, material costs, labor, and profit.

What happens after the flying squirrels are removed from your structure?

Flying squirrel Exclusion is a technique where all the current and potential mouse entry points stated in your flying squirrel service agreement, are made uninhabitable or impervious to a flying squirrel by the use/application/installation of exclusion materials by Blue Ridge Wildlife & Pest Management, LLC.  Flying squirrel Exclusion materials are flying squirrel proof building materials or components that may be used/applied/installed/dispensed, but are not limited to, caulk, adhesives, or sealants, backer rod, chinking, foam, wire mesh, metal flashing or coil stock, chimney caps, or any other flying squirrel proof building construction materials that will prevent flying squirrels from entering your structure once the flying squirrel repairs have been completed

Flying squirrel Exclusion materials will be applied to all current and potential flying squirrel entry points that lead into the interior of your structure from the exterior of your structure. Flying squirrel entry points are any area typically above the gutter lines of your structure and any areas that may emit air draft from your structure that are greater than or equal to 1 1/4 inches round or 1 1/4 inches wide and 1 1/4 inches long regardless of its orientation.  

How Blue Ridge Wildlife & Pest Management, LLC removes flying squirrels from your structure.

Flying squirrel removal is a process of removing flying squirrels from a residential or commercial property by the use of traps and exclusion materials.

Professional grade single door or colony humane capture traps are commonly used.  Live single door cage traps are anchored on the building next to the hole.  Live colony traps are anchored over the hole and the flying squirrel is forced into the trap.  Once the flying squirrels are trapped, we repair the hole where they are entering so that it will not happen again.

If you are flying squirrel infested or need flying squirrel control, flying squirrel removal, flying squirrel pest control, to get rid of flying squirrel, or to get rid of a flying squirrel infestation in Roanoke, Salem, Hollins, Troutville, Daleville, Blue Ridge, Bent Mountain, or Vinton. Blue Ridge Wildlife & Pest Management, LLC is here to help you. Please Contact Us to help solve your flying squirrel problem. 

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