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Blue Ridge Wildlife & Fisheries Management, LLC provides otter removal, otter control, and otter pest control in Yorktown, VA. 

The otter can adapt to aquatic human environments easily and usually by choice.  In these environments river otter easily adapt due to the abundance of food, shelter and the lack of predators.  Urban landscapes around lakes or manmade ponds offer the ideal food supply and habitat that otters will favor.  Once a otter has found a prevalent food source it will look for a den site that is relatively close to that food source.  Their home or burrow can be found in a high bank of the stream, pond, lake, or in a floating dock.  These burrows will have an abundance of grass and twigs that cover the sub-surface entrance, which is typically an abandoned beaver den.  Increases in urbanization in river otter inhabited areas and the overpopulation of river otter in these areas will continue to pose a threat to urban landscapes.

Live trapping an otter is possible, but can be costly and time consuming.  We prefer to use lethal traps when removing otters because of their effectiveness.

If you need otter control, otter removal, to get rid of otter, get rid of otter in pond, or to get rid of a otter infestation in Yorktown, Yorktown in Accomack County, Mathews County, York County, Virginia. Tidewater Wildlife & Pest Management, LLC is here to help you.  Please Contact Us to help solve your otter problem.  

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