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Blue Ridge Wildlife & Pest Management, LLC​ has provided opossum rodent control, opossum removal, opossum control, and opossum pest control in Wytheville, VA since 1998. 

The Opossum can adapt to human environments easily and usually by choice.  In human environments Opossum can adapt easily due to the abundance of food and shelter.  Humans provide food sources such as bird feeders, trash cans, and pet food bowls that are replenished regularly.  Urban landscapes provide attractive nuts, buds, and fruits from trees that Opossum will favor.  Once an Opossum has found a prevalent food source it will look for a den site that is relatively close to that food source.  Your home is the den site due to increases in urbanization or land development in Opossum inhabited areas, and the overpopulation of Opossums in these areas does not help.  Loose foundation vents, drain pipes, and low laying decks or porches are the most common den locations around your home.  Opossums are very mild mannered, nocturnal or nighttime animals.  Most people think they are vicious because of their hiss and grin pose when they are threatened. Their droppings and urine leave a lingering odor, not to mention a biohazard in crawl spaces and attics.  As long as we continue to urbanize and provide an abundance of food to the Opossum they will continue to adapt to human environments and pose a threat to homes and human health.    

Professional grade single door live capture traps are used to trap opossums damaging landscapes.  These traps are placed next to the damage areas on your property. Like all of our traps for other animals these traps are covered with a custom galvanized sheet metal cover.  Opossums appear to be aggressive by the site of their teeth and hissing, but in reality they are very docile animals.        

If you need opossum control, opossum removal, to get rid of opossum, or to get rid of a opossum infestation in Wytheville, Bluefield, Cedar Bluff, Max Meadows, North Tazewell, Tazewell, Richlands, Rural Retreat, Galax, Chilhowie, Marion, Saltville, Galax City, and Hillsville in Wythe County, Bland County, Carroll County, Tazewell County, and Smyth County, VA. Blue Ridge Wildlife & Pest Management, LLC is here to help you.  Please Contact Us to help solve your opossum problem. 

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