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Blue Ridge Wildlife & Pest Management, LLC has provided pigeon removal, pigeon control, and pigeon pest control in Martinsville, VA since 1998. 

Blue Ridge Wildlife & Pest Management, LLC can design a pigeon control or removal program that best fits your needs, project specifications, architectural plans, and most importantly your budget. Understanding a pigeon's biology or behavioral patterns, size, and reproductive rates is the most important factor in determining the proper bird control solution. Some bird control solutions are species-specific, while others control a range of bird species. We will offer a solution that will deter pigeons, as well as, other species of birds that may move in after the pigeons are controlled. Pigeons are not protected in Virginia or by the federal government, which means we can control the pigeons and remove their nests at any time of the year in Martinsville, Martinsville City, Danville, Axton, Bassett, Chase City, Collinsville, Halifax, Ridgeway, South Boston, Stuart, Chatham, Gretna, Hurt, and Ringgold in Halifax County, Henry County, Lunenburg County, Mecklenburg County, Patrick County, and Pittsylvania County, VA. 

The best pigeon control product is 3/4” StealthNet® bird netting. Bird net is extremely durable and creates a true bird barrier against problem pigeons "homing" to their natural instinct to stay near their birth site. Pigeon netting completely controls pigeon problems, forcing the problem pigeons to look elsewhere for a nesting site.  Never underestimate the commitment of pest pigeons to return to their home.

In addition to bird net, other effective pigeon control products are Shock-Track® Flex-Track®, Birdwire®, BirdSlide®, and BirdSpikes ledge products. These pigeon control products work best where pigeons are nesting or roosting and the pigeons are "homing" (committed to remaining at the site). For pigeon problem areas where the birds are not nesting or feeding, ledge pigeon control products such as low-profile Shock-Track® Flex-Track® or Birdwire®, and pigeon traps can be effective pigeon control methods. However, trapping or other kinds of flock dispersal will not work in situations where these pest pigeons are nesting or when there are food or water sources present as these birds will be especially determined to remain and shooting may be the only solution.  Our staff has trained NWCOA® Certified Urban Sharpshooters that can eliminate most pigeon problems in a couple nights.

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